17 Oktober 2007

Dorfkramer normalizes German-US Relationships

In his personal opening of the 2007 Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund, Dorfkramer normalizes German-US Relationships. He leaves an x-ray at the fence of the White House in Washington DC.


Two incidents had a decisive influence in Dorfkramer´s life and they were triggered and steered by the US-Administration.

First: In World War II, Dorfkramer´s father served in the German Army. He was sent to the Westfront a few weeks after D-Day in 1944. He was soon captured by the 101 Airborne Division and detained until 1946. He reported, that he was well treated by the US-Army. Even, when he broke his arm, he got some x-rays made and brought these home. Thus, you can say, that the US had a positive impact.

Second: In 2001, soon after George W. Bush´s inauguration, there was a shift happening in US policy of state´s financing. When Argentina tumbled into financial turmoil, the IMF, led by the US-Administration, granted a stand by loan of $14bn. This was the signal to the markets to stay and to invest in Argentina. Dorfkramer junior bought a lot of Argentine bonds, because he relied on the assurance of the IMF. But the IMF, especially its boss Horst Köhler, lied, to damage investors and Argentina. The global authority under US-influence announced a withdrawal of the loan in December 2001. Argentina sunk into its worst crisis, 27 people died and hundreds of thousands savers worldwide, Dorfkramer included, got nearly ruined. Thus, you can say, the US-Administration had a negative impact.

As a result, Dorfkramer and the US can pass into normal relationships. Dorfkramer does not owe America anything anymore. Hence, the post war era has definitely ended. Germany has emancipated and German Citizens can overcome their postwar inferiority complex.

Now, we are quit and even.

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